Organisational Effectiveness Programs

Today’s business environment is changing faster than ever, driven by digital transformation across every industry. This change is also being driven by greater competition.

For an organization to achieve and sustain success, in a dynamic and changing environment, it needs to adapt and reinvent itself from time to time by making periodic improvements in how it operates in order to maintain its relevance in today’s marketplace.

An effective operating model enables organizations to deliver growth and scalability, improve the customer experience, drive operational efficiency and develop a sustainable business.

Effective implementation of strategy being the key driver of performance, Organizations need to focus on two key areas– customers and employees. By focusing on the customer experience you can increase loyalty and win new business, improving top-line growth. At the same time unlocking the knowledge and skills of your employees will ensure you can compete in today’s environment and be ready for the future and the long term. 

Organizational Effectiveness is all about result-orientation and delivering outcomes, that gives everything its meaning. The effectiveness of the Leadership System determines the performance of the business. Does your Leadership System predispose you for quality, agility, speed, stakeholder engagement, profitable growth, fulfilment, competitive advantage, and strong financial performance?

We at MHRF help improve business performance by establishing a healthy Leadership System by focusing on the following essentials

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Ownership & Accountability
  • Performance coaching
  • Measurement
  • Organizational Culture

ICF Approved Potential 2 Performance Coach Training Program

The Potential To Performance (P2P) Coach Training program is for individuals to discover their potential and use it powerfully to enhance their performance, both in personal and professional arenas. The program enables individuals to develop the skills of coaching and thereby coach themselves and others.

When we speak of Coaching, organisations recognize “ICF” (The International Coach Federation) as the principal accreditation body with worldwide recognition. The P2P Coach Training program aligns to the ICF curriculum and is based on the ICF competencies and Code of Ethics.

The program offers 60 hours of coach training. The program is offered as

  • Face to Face open program
  • Customised corporate training (face to face)

Course Objectives

  • Understand what is coaching and what coaching is not.
  • Learn and practice the competencies and skills to become a coach as laid down by the ICF.
  • Enhance self awareness.
  • Coaching tools and insights that will help you evolve as a Coach.
  • Consistently practice the coaching skills through peer coaching sessions, thereby enabling others to discover their potential.
  • Get 65 hours of coach training certification.

Target Audience

  • HR and L&D professionals
  • Leaders and Managers
  • Any individual interested in imbibing coaching as a skill
Description Face to Face program
Hours Completed 60 hours over 6 months
Synchronous Hours (Hours working with Faculty) 48 hours (6 days X 8 hours)
Asynchronous Hours (Assignments, Practice Coaching, self study, etc.) 12 Hours including peer coaching, coaching model and book review
ACC Mentored Hours 10 hours
Batch Size 5 – 10 people

Course Structure

The Program is based on ICF competencies, GROW model, and the 70:20:10 leadership development paradigm. Each module will be experiential, i.e. it will focus on the bases of Coaching with an emphasis on coaching practice.

The 6 Modules would cover the following topics

  • Eleven ICF Core competencies
  • Understanding and practicing the GROW Model
  • Knowing and practicing the essential skills required for coaching – listening and questioning
  • Neuroscience, its linkage and application in Coaching
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), its linkage and application in Coaching
  • The Coaching Journey – a step by step process to be used by you as a Coach with a Client
  • Coaching tools – Growth Wheel, Journaling and Self Discovery
  • Observed and Mentored coaching based on the above

The language of instruction will be English.

Dates for 2018 & 2019

  • November 2nd & 3rd
  • December 7th & 8th (dates will be discussed and mutually decided)
  • January 11th & 12th (2019) (dates will be discussed and mutually decided)


The Byke, Saibaba Vihar Complex, Anand Nagar, Ghodbunder Road, Thane (West) – 400 615

Tel.: +91 22 25971111 / 25971234

Coaching Philosophy

As Galileo’s states, “You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him discover it in himself.” The P2P coach training program aims to enable individuals to discover their potential and thereby enhance performance. We believe this transformation will help in making the world a better place.

Requirements participants must meet

Should have at least 8-10 years experience in any industry

Payments & Refund Policy

The course fees is Rs.1,20,000/- + 18% GST. All payments must be made prior to the date of the first session. 50% of the payment is refundable if the participant chooses to opt out of the programme one month prior to the 1st session date. All payments are non-refundable once the one month window is crossed

What her clients say

“Sometimes in life, you meet people, who touch you in many different ways. In my life, I met Mohana who helped change my perspective both personally and professionally.  Mohana’s calmness and ability to nudge at the right moment was an absolute brilliance during her coaching sessions and enabled me to navigate seamlessly through issues. I enjoyed the process of being coached by her every time and discovering the way forward. Mohana’s skills and ability to put clients at ease is on of her biggest strengths.” Sr. Vice-President, Head – Learning Delivery of a Multinational Bank