Developing team chemistry!

Do you remember Daylight? The 1996 blockbuster, starring Sylvester Stallon. The movie portrays the ordeal of a group of motorists, struck in the Holland tunnel under the Hudson River, following a terrorist attack. Water was seeping fast into the tunnel, and the clock was ticking. However, the group of strangers had to settle their differences before they could attempt to escape.

It took former EMS Chief Kit Latura (Sylvester Stallon) to resolve their difference. Following Kit’s lead, the group gradually realise that it was more important to survive than to win arguments. They finally manage to work together to escape the watery grave.

So, what is Kit’s role? He gave them a purpose; to escape the collapsing tunnel. None of them was capable of achieving it single handedly. It was possible only by a team effort.

*Daily, we are in pursuit of our life goals. We hone our skills and abilities. But in this blind chase, we often tend to lose sight of the fact that alone we can only go so far. As an old African proverb says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”.

So, if you are a corporate general, seeking to forge an entente out of strangers, you will need more than a bunch of professional certifications. For solving the leadership challenge, you should:

Give your teammates a PURPOSE

A cause is the backbone of a team It is the glue that binds the otherwise strangers. In business and in sport, a common purpose can harness the combined potential of talented individuals. This lets them play to their strengths, complement each others perceived faults and create successful outcomes for all involved. Virat Kohli would surely agree.

Infuse Esprit de corps

Admiral William H. McRaven, USN, views the Navy SEAL training as a great equaliser. It judges people by their will to succeed and not by their socio-financial or religious status. As a leader, discard favouritism and focus on talent. Build an atmosphere conducive of co-learning and mutual respect among your teammates.

Know what you want

Never deviate from the mission. Just like Bob Nicholls, a South African security consultant. During the Mumbai terror attack in 2008, Bob was at Taj Hotel with this team. Armed with just kitchen knives, walkie talkies and determination, they saved 150 lives on that fateful day. Is your objective big enough to fire your teammates with a similar passion?