With 2020 having just begun, each of us has some resolutions planned for the new year. The most favourite ones that I have come across

  • Start exercising and get into better shape
  • Lose weight
  • Eat healthy
  • Learn a new skill
  • Quit smoking
  • Save more, spend less
  • Travel

A research conducted worldwide indicates that 1 out of 10 people succeed in their resolution!!

So how can we ensure that our resolutions lead of our evolution as a person ? Because all said and done, if we keep our resolution, it would lead to our evolution .. feeling and looking great, having money, feeling happy to have learnt that skill or seen that place on the bucket list …. Here are 6 simple ways to ensure your resolution leads to your evolution !!

Know the “WHY” before the “WHAT?”

I want to eat healthy, lose weight, or exercise.. (the WHAT); but Why is this important to me? Is it because you want to be a good role model to your children and Team members, is it because the Doctor said so basis your medical reports, is it because you want to feel more confident ?

The ‘WHY’ of your resolution needs to connect with you to be able to drive you to action. When a resolution does not connect, the resolve dies, at times even before we start !

For e.g. I have always wanted to learn to play the flute and make the resolution every year, however, I have yet to start !! When I ask myself, ‘Why do I want to learn the flute?’, I just know I like music and its an instrument I love to hear and so it does not drive me to action enough to stick to my resolution.

‘Change’ is not instant, have patience with yourself, just hang in there

New Year resolutions are about giving up something that’s not working, something which is bad for you. They are also about replacing it with something good, something which is going to work for you.. for e.g. I have to start exercising to lose weight.. to lose weight, I need to continue exercising.

It is common knowledge that it takes 21 days (or 3 weeks) to kick a habit, and it takes approx. 66 days or nearly 2 months to ensure a good habit, well, becomes a habit.

So just hang in there and be patient with yourself, after all, you did not gain the bad habit overnight, so it is going to take some time to evolve into a new habit.

Be specific, make it measurable, appreciate yourself

One of the key elements of any resolution is making it specific and measurable. Many new year resolutions are vague.. ‘eat healthier’, ‘lose weight’, ‘learn a new skill’, etc.

What exactly do you want to achieve ? When you say, ‘lose weight’ .. how many kilos and by when? When you say eat healthier, ‘what should your diet include and not include?’

Regularly measure your milestones and appreciate yourself.

Start small

Want to lose weight, start small with tiny changes that you can consistently stick to.. like drinking more water, going alternate days to the gym or doing any physical activity you love on alternate days .. be it walking, swimming, badminton, eating 10 – 15 % less .. 2 chapatis instead of 3 … changes that are not too overwhelming and you can stick to consistently.

Get some support

It can be hard to stay motivated when you feel alone. The good news? You’re not alone: far from it. Post a status on Facebook asking your friends if anybody would like to be your gym or accountability buddy. If you know a co-worker who shares your goal, try to coordinate your lunch time and go out together so you’ll be more likely to eat healthy. Join a support group of like-minded folks on Facebook, LinkedIn, or elsewhere on the internet. Strength in numbers is powerful, so use it to your advantage.

Finally, Believe In Yourself and Have Fun !!

If you’ve tried (and failed) to set a New Year’s resolution (or several) in the past, I know it might be hard to believe in yourself. Doubt is a nagging voice in your head that will stop you from sticking to your resolution or even making one. The only way to defeat doubt is to believe in yourself and asking So What ? if you’ve failed a time or two? This year, you can try again (and be better this time) and remember to have a lot of fun as you evolve into a new you !!

The best of us couldn’t bring ourselves to do something we hate consistently, so make achieving your resolution fun, exercising with a good friend or two, or giving yourself one “free day” per week where you forget about your training plan and exercise in any way you please.

As you’re move from resolution to evolution, know that failure is part of the process. Don’t demonize yourself for messing up–whether that slip up lasts a moment or a week … you can always get yourself back on track.

JUST Believe in yourself, support each other, and let this be the year you evolve into a different YOU !! Cheers and All The Best !!