Repacking Your Bags- Moving from 2016 to 2017

As we leave 2016 behind and step into the New Year a lot many of us reminisce what the year was and wonder what the next year has in store for us. The thought that crossed my mind today morning, as I was moving through my daily morning chores is that, we all make New Year resolutions, rather than Resolutions. Why not repack the bag of life – discard a few old things, retain a few of them and add something new, as we move on. Just the way we do when we move from one house to another- shift from one year to another, one phase of life to another. This perspective made me so excited that I started thinking what do I want to repack- knowledge, dreams, ambitions, desires, relationships…………

The bag indeed had to be huge to accommodate so many things. So looking at what would be the best to carry and would support everything else- I zeroed down on dreams. As only when you have dreams, you will stretch to learn more, acquire knowledge and develop relationships, connect with people and your self to fulfill those dreams.

Successful, satisfied people know the value of dreams and visions, and they’re always working on them. In their eyes, life dreams aren’t static, isolated solutions or escape hatches from the here and now. Nor are they fantasy cure-alls or “consolation prizes” that will someday compensate them for otherwise meaningless labors. Rather, to people who are actively working on their dreams, the dream is their life.

Like a painter repeatedly drawn back to work on a canvas, a dream-motivated person sees all his or her daily achievements (even mundane ones) as contributing to a larger effort that expresses his or her very essence. Because that effort is meaningful and rewarding in itself, it propels the person forward – in good times and bad, through successes and setbacks – in a way that no mere carrot or simple material reward could.

Our dreams not only point the way to a richer future, they also keep us connected with our guiding values. They help us guard against the direction-drift that can occur in their absence, and they serve as rocket fuel that helps us blast past little diversions and temptations that might otherwise lure us off course – or leave us idling for years at a time. “When we are courageous enough to convert our dreams into present-day goals, “we’re prepared to live a life of no regrets.”

So as the year 2016 draws to an end, pack your bags with your dreams. Include the positive beliefs that will help you achieve that, discard the fear and doubt and enter the New Year to anchor your dream in reality.

Here’s Wishing all our Readers a Very Happy New Year 2017!!!