Spirituality & Stress Management!

Stress is synonymous with our lives today. Everyone, irrespective of the age, stage, position, place or strata are experiencing it, in some form!! What we also hear at times is that some amount of stress is good. But what is that amount or dose and how do you figure out that right amount, is something that we all struggle to understand. So while stress is today an inevitable part of living, the only other aspect that we can consider, is coping with stress.

Stress is synonymous with relaxation techniques and some of the tools of coping with stress are, exercising more, eating healthy foods and talking with friends.

These are some of the more tangible ways of coping with stress. A less tangible — but no less useful — way to find stress relief is, through spirituality. Most of us connect spiritualism to a specific belief system or even religious worship, but at its core, spirituality helps to give life a context

Spirituality has many benefits for stress relief and overall mental health. It can help us:

Feel a sense of purpose

Cultivating your spirituality may help uncover what’s most meaningful in your life. By clarifying what’s most important, you can focus less on the unimportant things and eliminate stress.

Connect to the world

The more you feel you have a purpose in the world, the less solitary you may feel — even when you’re alone. This can lead to a valuable inner peace during difficult times.

Release control

When you feel part of a greater whole, you may realize that you aren’t responsible for everything that happens in life. You can share the burden of tough times as well as the joys of life’s blessings with those around you.

Expand your support network

Whether you find spirituality in a church, mosque or synagogue, in your family, or in nature walks with a friend, this sharing of spiritual expression can help build relationships.

Lead a healthier life

People who consider themselves spiritual may be better able to cope with stress and may experience health benefits.

Uncovering our spirituality takes some self-discovery. Spirituality also involves getting in touch with your inner self. A key component is self-reflection. Some of the tested and recommended methods are:

  • Try prayer, meditation, mindfulness and relaxation techniques to help focus your thoughts and find peace of mind.
  • Keep a journal to help you express your feelings and record your progress.
  • Seek out a trusted adviser or friend who can help you discover what’s important to you in life. Others may have insights that you haven’t yet discovered.
  • Read inspirational stories or essays to help you evaluate different philosophies of life.

Our personal concept of spirituality may change with age and life experiences, but it always forms the basis of our well-being, helps us cope with stressors large and small, and affirms our purpose in life.