Storytelling… an art and a skill that has been around since ages.. our grandparents and parents have used this skill to pass down history, values, beliefs and sustain family traditions.

Stories engage people at every level –– in their minds as well as their emotions, values and imagination.

Hence, stories succeed in transforming society and help in changing business and strengthening organisational culture.

MHRF, recently put together a workshop with Kathalaya, a Bangalore based organization, with the objective of understanding this art and its use in the Corporate world. This three-day workshop, was attended and well received by the participants, who were from diverse walks of life…. Corporates, Consultants, Education Institutes and Teenagers !!

To view the workshop video on YouTube, click on this link …..


A story for you below, which we find very relevant in today’s scenario … …………, Enjoi!

What is your Leadership style: is it like Lord Ram or Lord Krishna? OR a mix of both! Read on to find out.

the best warrior of his side. He lead his army from the front, created strategies and generally provided complete direction to his army, always keeping the end goal in mind.

In Mahabharata, Lord Krishna only provided guidance to Arjuna. He never picked up a weapon and he never fought. And yet the goal was achieved.

So, what was different? Two things…

  • Their Leadership style and
  • The kind of people they led

Lord Ram, was leading an army of unskilled fighters and they were looking for direction. While on other hand, Lord Krishna was leading Arjuna, who was a specialist in his field.

While Lord Ram’s role was to walk the talk and lead from the front, Krishna played the role of a coach, whose job was to remove cobwebs from his protégée’s mind.

Look at your team and reflect, what kind of a leadership style do you use ? Is it the same for all your people ? Are you someone who tells/direct all the time or someone, who clarifies doubts and allows their people to find their own ways.

Or are you the kind of Leader who knows his / her Team well and thereby, uses the appropriate style for different Stakeholders … sometimes directing (for new joinees), sometimes coaching (for those who get stuck at times), sometimes participative (by adding new ideas where required) and when required, delegating and empowering (in order to develop your people).

So who are you ??

We leave you with that question and hope that you too would take this story forward… because………..